Processing of JPEG photos online.

Recognize text on image online

Specify an image with text on your computer or phone, select a main language of the text and then click OK button at the bottom of page. Other settings are already set by default.

Example of photographed text from a book and screenshot of the recognized text on this photo:
Photographed or scanned text Recognized text

Depending on the size of the source image and amount of text, processing may take about 1 minute. For the best result of the text recognition it is desirable to watch for hints near the settings. Before processing image should be rotated to the normal angle so that the text goes in the correct direction and it is desirable to crop solid edges without text, if they are existing.
On this website both OCR-programs for recognizing text are different and can give different results, which allows choosing the most acceptable variant of the two.

The original image does not change in any way, you will be given recognized text in a plain text document in .txt format with utf-8 encoding and after processing it can be opened directly in the browser window or after downloading – in any text editor.

1) Specify image in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF format:

2) Settings for text recognition

Main language of the text #1: ← it is important to choose an existing
Additional languages that should be recognized:
#2:   #3:   #4:   #5:
The order of languages does not matter. If image contains only characters of the main language #1, additional languages from #2 to #5 it is recommended to "not recognize" for a more accurate processing.

Preliminary image optimization
Preliminary improvement of the scanned text
If the scanned text is alredy has a good quality, then for the experiment you can first turn off the preliminary improvement of the scanned text, and then optimization of the image. Sometimes this can help even when the text is not recognized at all.

OCR program for text recognition on the image:
If you can not recognize text using the 1st program, then you can try switching to the 2nd program (it works faster).

  Processing usually lasts for 20-60 seconds.
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