Processing of JPEG photos online.

Compress JPEG file online

Select a picture on your computer or phone, set desired JPEG quality from 1 to 100 (compression level) and then click OK button at the bottom of this page. All other settings are already installed by default. If necessary, the quality (compression) level of any jpg image can be determined here.

Main parameter that reduces file size is "quality" of JPEG (or compression level). Lower quality (60-70) gives smaller file size. Subsampling in settings allows to optimize image details to further reduce the file size in kilobytes. Subsampling 1x1 is more suitable for small pictures. Subsampling 2x1 is most common and used in almost all digital cameras, this parameter is good for large images more than 1 megapixel or >1366x768. Subsampling 2x2 gives smallest file size, but the image quality may be low, this option is suited for very blurred pictures.

The original image is not changed. You will be given other processed image in JPG format.

1) Select image in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF format:

2) Compression settings for JPG file

Size reducing in megapixels:
(Reducing size by 20-30% in pixels or megapixels is good reduces file size, makes it smaller)
Subsampling: (Averaging of sharp color transitions, all values are standard)
Standard JPEG Progressive JPEG
(Size of the progressive jpeg file is almost always takes by 2-3% smaller place than standard jpeg with same quality)
Copy EXIF and other metadata? Yes No
(«No» may little more reduce file size, but this will erase all embedded information, listed here)
Quality (from 1 to 100) (Main parameter, the less quality, the smaller JPEG file size)

  Processing usually lasts for 0.5-20 seconds.

On the photos of the "Red pepper after the rain" is shown level of JPEG quality for comparison:
JPEG quality 10 JPEG quality 15 JPEG quality 30 JPEG quality 50 JPEG quality 60 JPEG quality 70 JPEG quality 80 JPEG quality 90 JPEG quality 100

Sizes of this jpg image, depending on the level of quality (Q - quality, KB - size in kilobytes):
Q 10 = 2 KB; Q 15 = 2,7 KB; Q 30 = 4,3 KB; Q 50 = 5,9 KB; Q 60 = 6,7 KB; Q 70 = 7,9 KB; Q 80 = 9,8 KB; Q 90 = 14,1 KB; Q 100 = 46,5 KB.

Also you can compress JPG specifying the desired file size in KB or reduce size of picture in pixels.

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