Processing of JPEG photos online.

Create QR-code online

QR code is generated automatically. You only need to enter text and then press the OK button. Other settings already installed by default.

Examples of the standard QR code of black color (hex: #000000), blue (hex: #000080) and purple (hex: #800080), in which encoded link to this website:
Standard QR code with a link to website Blue QR-code Purple QR-code

In order to recognize or validate created QR code, you can use the free QR code scanner on this website.

This online tool supports english characters and next symbols: @ _ ( ) / : ; . , ' - + = | < > " # $ % ^ & * ? !

2) Information that you want to encode to QR code


3) Additional settings

Width and height of the QR code in pixels:

Size of one point of the QR-code: (от 1 до 25)

Error correction level:

Version: (from 1 to 40, 0=determine automatically)

Size of the outer frame:

Transparent background: Yes No

QR code color (hex):    Background color (hex):

Color palette (opens in new window)
4) File format

PNG Standard JPEG Progressive JPEG

JPEG quality (from 1 to 100)
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