Processing of JPEG photos online.

Make seamless texture online

Select a picture or texture on your computer or phone and then click OK. Other settings already installed by default.

Example tiling of usual ground photo without modification (on the left picture you can see the seams) and the seamless texture (picture on the right) of the ground after automatic processing on this website. In the settings of pre-averaging of dark and light areas was selected «intensity 20», other settings should be left by default:
Photography of ground, black soil Seamless texture of ground

Example tiling of the grass photo without changes and seamless grass texture created by «method No.4-B», for the pre-averaging of dark and light areas was specified «intensity 30», rest unchanged:
Photo of green grass Seamless texture of grass after processing

The original image is not changed. You will get other processed texture.

1) Select image in JPEG format:

2) Pre-crop image in pixels

Left:   Right:   Top:   Bottom:
3) Pre-averaging of dark and light areas of image

Radius: (1-20)   Intensity: (from 0 to 100, recommended 30-40, 0=disable)
4) Settings for creation of seamless texture

Creation method of seamless texture: (best is the 2nd and 3rd method)

Tile format: x to check the seamlessness of created texture

Mark seams or edges of the image: for visual checking of texture seamless
5) Compression settings

Standard JPEG Progressive JPEG

Quality (1-100)

  Processing usually lasts for 5-30 seconds.
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