Processing of JPEG photos online.

High-quality enlargement of a small image in 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x times online

Specify the image up to 10 megapixels (≈4216x2371) on your computer or phone, select the desired image enlargement, click the OK button at the bottom of the page, wait a few seconds and download the result. Other settings are already set by default. This site also has a standard resizing in pixels.

Example of a small photo before and after enlargement in 2x times by the algorithm DCCI:
Small picture of a bush of red roses Enlarged photo twice
To be sure in the high quality enlargement of the small picture in comparison with Photoshop – you can download small photo with red roses and try to enlarge it in Photoshop to size 400x266 in pixels or to 200%, to make exactly the same pixel size as in the above example after enlargement it in 2x times. Comparing the results after Photoshop and after this website – you will immediately understand the essence of this online tool.

If the original picture is heavily compressed and jpeg artifacts are visible on it, it is desirable to eliminate them prior to processing here or apply the interpolation algorithm "Mitchell" or "Quadratic" in the settings on this page. After enlargement, if necessary, you can slightly add sharpness for image.

For quick comparison of different interpolation algorithms with 4x times enlargement, further provided links to each of them in format PNG-24 without compression: DCCI, Lanczos, Mitchell, Quadratic, Cubic, they can be opened as separate tabs in your browser.

The original image does not change in any way. You will be given another image, larger than original in 2x, 4x or more times.

1) Specify image in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF format:

2) Settings for image enlargement

Enlarge size in pixels: (maximum possible output size – up to 100 Mpx)

Use interpolation algorithm:
(With strong pixilization and jpeg-artifacts, it is worth try interpolation algorithm "Mitchell" or "Quadratic")
3) Output image format

JPEG with quality (from 1 to 100)
PNG-24 (without compression, with transparency support)

  Processing usually lasts for 5-60 seconds.
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